Wednesday, October 13, 2004

DVD's review

DVD’s review

It is definitely one of the most powerful and spectacular film I have ever seen. The name of this film is “Kill Bill”. You first expression can be like: “Ooh… Another boring thriller about killing. I wouldn’t watch it ”, but I will try to convince you that you are wrong. This is a film worth seeing and not only because off stunning effects, but the plot is very gripping as well.

This film is made by MIRAMAX films, that’s why there are a lot of Hollywood’s stars. Some of them are Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen and others. The director is Quentin Tarantino. This is a new film, it was produced in 2003. It is very important to mention that the film consist of two parts and if you want to understand the main plot and ideas of the films, you should definitely see both of them. Otherwise you will have wrong expression from the film (it is two slices of one pie).

I don’t want to say lots about the plot, because I hope that you will however watch it. It’s too difficult to express in words actions that you can see on the screen. But having slightly open the mystery of this film I can say that film tells us about Bill, who was the Boss of international secret organization, that deal with assassination. He send his bribe to eastern master of combats for training and education. There she has become a “machine for killing”. She was assiduous and powerful. Firstly she worked for Bill and she was the best in his team. Her secret name was “Black Mamba” (very dangerous snake ) because of her speed, efficiency and danger. But one day Bill’s bribe decided to live this business. She wanted to live like ordinary people, she wanted to get marry and to have children, but it was inconvenient for Bill. That’s why on a wedding day Bill and his team killed everyone, why was there.
Bill’s bribe had miracle survived, but she was unconsciousness for 5 years. When she “ woke up” she began to revenge to Bill and his team. But it was very “beautiful” revenge and she passed thought many difficulty to reach her goal.

The plot of this film is really unpredictable, absorbing and riveting. You can’t tear yourself away even for a moment. When she survived after being buried alive (what seems impossible), the storyline becomes even more gripping. Many of the screens are absolutely breathtaking and totally magnificent. The end of the story is unpredictable.

So, I hope that I’ve intrigued you that this is a good film and you will run to buy or to borrow him. You shouldn’t miss it (there are not so many good films nowadays). I’m sure that you will find it incredibly enjoyable and at the same time it can teach you not to give up even in a very difficult, desperate situations. Pleasant watching.